Just Give

It’s a great day to give! I’m not talking about giving money or material things, although sometimes those things are appropriate. I’m talking about giving of yourself. I’m talking about finding and sharing that thing you love, that thing you’re passionate about, that thing you’re great at, that thing you have inside you, that thing you… Read More

It’s Always Here

Some days are easy. Some days are not. I wake up, sip the hot coffee, watch the steam dance from my cup as the breeze slips through the screen of the open window. I have a ton of stuff to do today. Meditate. Work. Write. Appointment. Where’s the confidence I had yesterday? Why is my mind full… Read More

Judge Less…Act More!

This post has taken a while to take shape. I’ve been really busy with my full-time job and finishing up some edits on my book, but I’ve also been sitting back and taking in other blogs, social media posts, the news, and conversations with friends and family. I’ve come to the realization that pretty much… Read More

Get Busy Living!

Do the things that make you happy…NOW! It seems that most people have a false sense of time…a false sense of a never-ending life on this planet. “I can always do that later ” or “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I’ve got plenty of time”. All things I’ve said many times, and hear often from… Read More

Be Willing!

As I read more and more posts, from more and more people, regarding the “state of things” these days, I see a subtle theme taking shape. It seems there needs to be an argument for every statement, no matter what that statement is, or what it has to do with. Someone posts an opinion about any… Read More